AIJ Healthcare Solutions LLC
Committed to Helping you Succeed 

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Our Mission

AIJ Healthcare Solutions LLC is a privately owned business serving the California Bay Area.  Our Mission is to help you succeed developing the  knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your professional goals. Whether you work for an Assisted Living, Board and Care, Restaurant or School we can meet your needs. While attending our classes you will receive the education needed to comply with state regulations and more. Our training is thorough, and we make it exciting to learn. Classes are offered onsite to meet the needs of you and your staff or in our office located in downtown Vallejo, Ca. Please call for dates and rates

Services Provided

  • RCFE Continuing Education Units
  • Medication Management/Monthly Direct Staff Training
  • CPR/First Aid/AED 
  • Internal Compliance/Auditing
  •  Senior Placement
  • Babysitting  Training(-Ages 11-15)
Proud Provider of American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED Training

  • Babysitting Training
    Babysitting Training
  • Assisting in Senior Placement
    Assisting in Senior Placement
  • CPR/First Aide/AED for Professionals.
    CPR/First Aide/AED for Professionals.
  • Adult/Child CPR/First Aid for families.
    Adult/Child CPR/First Aid for families.
  • CPR for Child Care Providers... Coming Soon
    CPR for Child Care Providers... Coming Soon
  • Medication Management
    Medication Management
  • Internal Compliance/Auditing
    Internal Compliance/Auditing
Babysitting Training
Babysitting Training